Research Centers

The 24 Research Centers are linked to the seven schools. Professors from these research centers undertake numerous interdisciplinary research and projects commissioned by government agencies and industries.

School of Computer Science and Technology
◎ Center of Intelligent Computing
◎ Center of Computer Application
◎ Center of Network Computing
◎ Center of Bio-Computing
◎ Center of Innovative Information Industry (in process)
School of Electronic and Information Engineering
◎ Center of Communication Engineering
◎ Center of Microelectronic Technology
School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation
◎ Center of Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology
◎ Center of Optical Electromechanical Integration Technology
◎ Center of Power Electronic and Motion Control
◎ Center of Wind Power and Automation
◎ Institute for Turbulence-Noise-Vibration Interaction and Control
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
◎ Center of Bridge and Structural Engineering
◎ Center of Urban and Civil Engineering Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
◎ Center of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering
◎ Center of Environmental Science and Engineering
◎ Center of Water Resource and Aquatic Environment Safety
School of Urban Planning and Management
◎ Center of Urban and Architecture Design
◎ Center of Urban and Landscape Planning
◎ Center of Applied Economics and Finance
◎ Center of Business Administration
◎ Center of Urban Emergency Management and Traffic Safety (in process)
School of Materials Science and Engineering
◎ Center of Advanced Functional Materials and Devices
◎ Center of Electronic Manufacturing Technology
School of Natural Sciences and Humanities
◎ Center of Engineering Mechanics
◎ Center of Applied Mathematics
 ◎ Center for Innovative Economics and Social Development (in process)
◎ Center for Innovative Industrial Design (in process)
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