Academician Binxing Fang from CAE Lectures on Network Security in HITSZ


Academician Binxing Fang from Chinese Academy of Engineering gave a lecture on network security on 6th July to more than 300 faculty and students in HITSZ. Assistant of HIT President and Executive Vice Directore of the Preparation Office of HITSZ Liang Zhen hosted the lecture.

Binxing Fang demonstrated how privite information leaked through security flaw and other insecure phenomena in network space. He pointed out that security awareness should be raised for domestic websites, especially websites of universities and governments. He also analysed technology development in network security through cases from Korea and USA. Network security concerns a lot of fields such as internet of things, big data, cloud computing, mobile network, social network, sensor network, smart home, industrial control network and financial payment etc.. At the end of his presentation, Binxing Fang finally defined the concept of network security. At the latter part of the lecture, Binxing Fang answered questions from audiences on protection of network security, network security mechanism and its future development.

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