Prof. Qunhui Yuan works in HIT Shenzhen campus since 2016 after her service in the Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences as a “Hundred Talent Program” professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2011. She obtained her Ph. D. of Physical Chemistry in the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2006 and fulfilled her postdoctoral research in Clarkson University and Temple University in U.S. during 2007-2011. Her research interest is to reveal the environmental related problems, including investigating processes/reactions on surfaces at nanoscale and developing sensors for environmental hazards, by using techniques such as scanning probe microscopy, electrochemistry and fluorescence spectroscopy.
investigating processes/reactions on surfaces at nanoscale
developing nanomaterials and sensors for environmental hazards
Ph. D. of Physical Chemistry in the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
B.S. in Chemistry, Yantai University
2016 till now
Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shenzhen Graduate School, Harbin Institute of Technology
Professor, Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Postdoc and Visiting Assistant Professor, Temple University, US
Research Associate and Research Assistant Professor, Clarkson University, US
CAIA award
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