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√ New energy materials
√ Photo(electro)chemical water splitting and pollutants degradation
√ Photochemistry in water and air environment
√ Advanced oxidation process
√ Biomass conversion
Ph.D. in Environ. Sci. and Eng., Pohang University of Science and
Technology (POSTECH),Pohang, Korea. Advisor Prof. Wonyong Choi
M.S. in Inorganic Chemistry, Liaoning University, Liaoning, P. R. China.
B.S. in Applied Chemistry, Liaoning University, Liaoning, P. R. China
2016.1 –
Associate Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology(Shenzhen)
Postdoc., University of St Andrews, UK. Advisor Professor John TS. Irvine
2012.09 – 2013.12
Postdoc., POSTECH, KOREA. Advisor Professor Wonyong Choi
"Heliyon" Editorial board (Elsevier)
Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Student Abroad
The 13th Cross Straits Symposium (CSS-13) Outstanding Paper Award (Kyushu, Japan)
18th International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar
Energy(IPS-18), Best Poster Award (Seoul, Korea)
The 11th Cross Straits Symposium (CSS-11) Best Presentation Award (Pusan, Korea)
Outstanding Master Thesis Award of Liaoning Province
Outstanding Research Award of Liaoning University(2rd Class)
Outstanding Master Thesis Award of Liaoning University (1st Class)
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