LIANG Guowei
Room 425, Building G, HIT Campus (518055)
Digital Media Product Design and Theories
Master of Theatre and Literature, The Central Academy of Drama
College Diploma in Theatre and Literature, Art School of Heilongjiang Province
Professor, Center of Innovative Industrial Design, HITSZ
Director/Professor, Department of Media Technology and Arts , HIT
Director/Professor, Department of Communication, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, HIT Director/Professor
Deputy chief editor/Editor in chief, Culture Guides , Department of Culture for Heilongjiang Province
Academic leader/ Founder, Master program for HIT Design discipline
Committee member, Drama, Film and Television, Radio Teaching Steering Committee of MOE
Vice Chairman, Film association of Heilongjiang province
Member, China Dramatists Association
Editorial Board Member, Art Film, China Film Association
Standing Director , Chinese Universities Film and Television Education Research Association
Researcher, The Film and Television Research Base of Beijing
Member of Discipline Group, Degree Committee of Heilongjiang Province
Committee member, Culture and Art Expert Committee of Heilongjiang Province
Evaluation expert, Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province
Evaluation expert, Support Program of Ministry of National Science and Technology
National grade scenarist
National philosophy and social science fund project, general project, Strategy and empirical research of spread traditional Chinese culture by using the network game platform (leader) 【12BXW037】
National philosophy and social science fund project, general project, The research on basic theory of literature and art from the perspective of phenomenology of Technology (12BZW017)(First participants)
2012 The national Ministry of science and technology support program The new media industry cluster service platform based on Cloud Computing (Ranked third) 【2012BAH28F05】Fund quota: 5.44Million
Philosophy and social science fund project of Heilongjiang Province, Research of Virtual reality interactive communication based on the "triple play" technology platform (leader) 【11D084】
2010 Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Fund, as the image and imitation - Comparison of Chinese and Western artistic expression and contemporary paradigm Construction (First participants)
2010 Philosophy and Social Sciences in Heilongjiang Province, a major consulting project decision-making, Heilongjiang radio and television networks, telecommunications networks, the Internet triple play Development Strategies Grant No. :10-A0012 (leader)
2009 Ministry of Culture, Arts and Cultural Research Project, Network entertainment products: the traditional art form in the reconstruction of network media Grant No.: 09DA02 (leader)
Virtual Expo museum experience Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang Trade Office, Contract Number: MH20100004 (leader)
Philosophy and Social Sciences in Heilongjiang Province, 2008 Planning Fund, Technology in the evolution of digital television programs and the dissemination of communication shape change Grant No.: 08D066 (leader)
2008 Arts and Sciences in Heilongjiang Province Key Project Planning Fund projects, Virtual art: traditional art media in the network reconstruction Grant No.: Arts Division Provincial Legislative word 【2008】 21 (leader)
2006 "Heilongjiang Morning News" project, "Design of mobile media forms" 1.5 million contract number: MH20090055 the project in progress (leader)
Social Science Fund of Heilongjiang Province in 2005, History and cultural forms: as a media system of virtual reality technology Grant No.: 05b0063 (leader)
The year 2005 the Ministry of Culture and Technology Fund, Digital cinema media forms Grant No. 05-59 (leader)
School of Arts Innovation Fund in 2005, Digital Television: the morphological changes of the media in the evolution of technology Grant No. 050201 (leader)
Digital film, 24 hours of a scientist, post-production and special effects Central Television May 1, 2005 broadcast (leader)
September 2004, Harbin TV entertainment channel packaging (leader)
Ministry of Culture Year 2003 projects, The film theory and production of special effects Grant No. 03-17 (leader)
HIT 2002 National, The Creation of Natural Science Funds Digital Technology and Film Style Aesthetics, Grant No.AHQQ18000086 (leader)
Education scientific planning project of Heilongjiang Province: Research of Film Arts Education based on game experience view, No.: GBB1211022 (leader)
Twelfth Five-Year Plan textbooks of HIT: Introduction to digital film art (leader)
Wasteland, hometown, Drama, Second prize of Literature and Art Award of Heilongjiang government, 1991
Desire journey, Drama, Second prize of literature and Art Award of Heilongjiang government, 1992
First prize of new performance of Ministry of culture, First prize of Zhong shan cup of Chinese Drama Association
There is a world outside, Drama, 1993 First prize of Ministry of Culture
Evil of Revival, Film 1994 First prize of Changying XiaoBaiHua
Mao Zedong and Snow, Film, 2000 Special award for China Changchun Film Festival Jury/2001 China Film Huabiao Award (National Award) for Outstanding Feature Film / 2001 China Propaganda Department Five-one Project Prize (National Award) for Outstanding Feature Film Award
Li Tsung-jen back, Screenplay, 2004 Xia Yan Film Literature Script Award (National Award) Third Prize
Film: Looking for the lost of presence communication, Thesis, 2004 Heilongjiang Universities by the Humanities and Social Sciences Award for Outstanding Achievements Second Prize, 2005 Heilongjiang Province for the Fine Art Project Award Second Prize
Seamless clips and human subconscious psychology externalization, Thesis, 2007 Awarded Excellent Prize of Heilongjiang Art Research / 2008 Heilongjiang University Humanities and Social Science Research Excellent Prize First prize, No.2008-041-01
The time of consciousness showing in the of television medium, Thesis, 2008 Heilongjiang University Humanities and Social Science Research Outstanding Achievements Third Prize, No.2008-343-01
Monograph: The Exchange of Videos Across Time and Space: The Medium Morphology of Digital Film, 2010 Heilongjiang University Humanities and Social Science Research Outstanding Achievements First Prize, Certificate No. 2010-041-01
Monograph: The Medium Morphology of Digital Television, 2010 Outstanding Achievements in Heilongjiang Art Scientific Research First Prize
Thesis: The Immersive Interactive Art Space Created by Radio, Film and Television with Virtual Reality Technology, China's Higher Education Professional Committee of the Film and Television Institute by 2010 Chinese Film and Television Education Scholarship (Thesis Class) for Excellence Award
Thesis: The Immersive Interactive Art Space Created by Virtual Reality Technology, 2010 Heilongjiang Literary Theory Work Conference Second Prize
1. The Medium Morphology of Digital Television, Chinese Film Press, 2008

2. The Exchange of Videos Across Time and Space: The Medium Morphology of Digital
Film, The Commercial Press, 2007

3. Video Technology: The Overall Characterization of Human Life, Heilongjiang People's
Publishing House, 2005

4. Foam of Humanity, The Northern Literature and Art Press, 2001

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