DENG Xianyu
D302B, HIT Campus, Shenzhen University Town, Xili, Shenzhen 518055, P.R.China. (518055)
Organic/Polymer and perovskite based solar cells
Organic/inorganic hybrid materials and opto-electronic devices
Organic/Polymer based light-emitting devices and flad pannel displays
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Materials Science and Engineering, PhD
South China University of Technology, Optical Science, MA
Guang Dong Ocean Univerisity, Food Chemical and Engineering, BA
50 publications have been published.

Selected publications:
29. Dai, Ruina; Wang, Yangyang; Wang, Jie; Deng, Xianyu*, ChemSusChem, Metal–Organic-Compound-Modified MoS2 with Enhanced Solubility for High-Performance Perovskite Solar Cells, 10, 2869–2874, 2017/6.

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