HE Junping
D301J,HITCampus, Shenzhen University Town, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, P.R.China (518055)
Power electronics, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Power Quality and its Improve
Ph D. Electrical Enigneering,Tsinghua University, Beijing
MSc. Electrical Enigneering,Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing
Bachelor. Electrical Enigneering,Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing
Asso. Prof, Power electronics Center, Shenzhen Graduate School of HIT
Postdoc, Electrical Enigneering,Tsinghua University, Beijing
Asso. Eng, Xi'an Railway Signal and eauipment Institute, Xi'an City
IEEE Member
Senior Member of China Power Supply Society
Resaerch on DC Microgrid Topology and its Control Methods
Research on wireless drop line voltage control of 3 phase inverters
Study on Common mode transient EMI propagation characteristics and its supression of a typical SMPS, NSFC funding
Study on transient spike EMI formation and coupling effect of power electronics equioment, Ph.D. Programs Foundation of Ministry of Education of China
Development of 200kW Photovoltic Inverter
EMC design and improvemet of 7.5kW UPS
Servo System design for a optical disc machine
Study on Low output CM voltage PWM strategy of a three level photocoltic inverter
Develpoment of metal power basis electromagnetic wave absorber and its test system
Development of a high speed serial data DMI device
[1]Lin Sicong, Zhou Min, He Junping, Chen Wei. Method for suppressing common mode noise,2011,USA Patent7868724B2
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[5]Qiu Beibei, He Junping, A novel topology for single stage AC/DC LED driver, 2012,CN102222958A
Published 1 book, more than 40 technology papers in Journal of conference

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Master Tutor,
2005-, Power electronics technology, Shenzhen Graduate School of HIT
TA during PhD. and Post-doc
2000-2005, electrical engineer theroy and experiment, EE department of Tsinghua University